Absco 1.52 x 2.26m Basic Range Shed

Absco 1.52 x 2.26m Basic Range ShedAbsco 1.52 x 2.26m Basic Range ShedAbsco 1.52 x 2.26m Basic Range Shed




Model No.:15231F

External Base Dimensions

Overall Height1.80m

Availability:In Stock
Roof Line:Flat
Doors:One Reinforced Single Hinged Door (750mm Wide)

Colour Options

Available in Zincalume, Paperbark & Woodland Grey

All 100% BHP Bluescope Steel

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Available Options

Bolt Down Anchor Kit (Set Of 8) These Are Mailed Out Separately To The Shed Delivery - By The Manufacturer:

Absco Window - Sliding Perspex (700mm L x 200mm H) SLPW:

Modular Timber Flooring Kit - OZKIT - (1520 L x 780mm W ea.) Each kit requires assembly - Multiple kits may be required:

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The Absco Basic Shed Range is of the same high grade materials as all the other Absco products. It is designed to accommodate the customer whom requires storage in small areas on a shoe string budget. The garden sheds are manufactured from low maintenance ribbed steel sheeting and are designed to add value to your home. The roof has a slight overhang to add to the overall appearance on both side walls. The door(s) are always located on the narrow side of the shed and are hinged for added security & are reinforced with internal bracing for strength & rigidity.

Materials: Absco products are manufactured from Australian made Bluescope Steel. Sheeting is available in Zincalume® (silver / galvanised finish) or Colorbond®.   Colorbond® Sheds have no external galvanised or Zincalume® trim pieces or channels, unlike some other products on the market.

Safety Edge: All ABSCO metal sheeting for sheds has a rolled safety edge to minimise the possibility of cuts & mishaps.

Easy To Assemble: The SNAPTiTE® World Wide Patented fast assembly system is used.  Snaptite is an innovative design (exclusive to ABSCO) that dramatically reduces the time & effort required to assemble a shed.  It reduces the number of fasteners by 75%.  This is accomplished by a design that allows for the wall & roof perimeter channels to permanently lock into the wall & roof sheets, without the use of any tools or additional fasteners. Absco sheds assemble up to 80% faster.



Manufactures’ Warranty: 30 year written warranty

More Shed Specifications:

Minimum Wall Height:  1785mm

Doors:  One Reinforced Hinged Doors – 750mm Wide Opening.

Secured By - A Barrel Bolt & Hasp (ready for padlock)

Wind Rating: W41 / N3 (147klm winds)

Concrete Slab Specifications:

Actual shed size- external base: 1520mm front x 2260mm side

Recommended Minimum Concrete Slab Size:  1620mm front x 2360mm side

This Represents An Additional 100mm in each direction.  This Gives A 50mm Border Around The Outside Of The Centrally Positioned Shed.

{Refer to “Technical Tips & Info” tab across top navigation bar for  “How To Lay A Slab” instructions}

Internal Step-Up Rebates For Concrete Slabs (Optional): Used to create a physical barrier that acts to assist in keeping out some of the weather that may otherwise find its way coming into the shed at the base, where the wall meets the slab.  Here, the part of the slab inside of the shed, is raised (approx. 15mm) higher than the outside section of the slab where the wall sits.

Recommended Internal Rebate Size:  1480mm front x 2220mm side

{Refer to “Technical Tips & Info” tab across top navigation bar for  “How To Lay A Slab” instructions}


Delivery & Freight:

Option A: FREE DELIVERY of your Absco Shed to selected regional & metropolitan depots (for your pick up or for you to make your own arrangements with the freight depot to get it  to your home)

Option B: METROPOLITAN AREA HOME DELIVERY of your Absco Shed is available to your front door, where your address is within 50 klms of the GPO in the following cities - Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth & Sydney

For further details, refer to the freight section in the shopping cart, once you have selected this item for purchase.



Local Authority Approvals: Regulations vary amongst local authorities in Australia. However most require the homeowner to apply for approval for any structure that covers the ground more than 10 square meters. To make yourself aware of any possible restrictions or other compliance requirements, please check with your local council. Where applicable, there may be considerations regarding how close you can erect your product to boundary fences, sewers, stormwater mains etc.

Assembly Videos: To view assembly videos, click the prompts below or locate the “Absco Assembly Videos”  in the  Technical Tips & Info  section, which can be found in the top navigation bar to this website.





Options Available:

Bolt-Down Anchors For Concrete

Manufacturer’s Minimum Recommended Number of Individual Bolt-Down Anchors For This Shed = 12

 2   Packs are required for this shed.  Each pack contains eight – 8 individual anchors.

Each of the eight anchors in the pack comprises 3 components.  (1) A 50 x 45mm galavnised "L" shaped steel angle bracket, (2) A 10mm nut & bolt to secure bracket to the wall, and (3) A 10 x 50mm dyna bolt to fix to the concrete slab

Ozline Timber Flooring Kits

Pre-measured, pre-cut & pre-treated – 100% renewable plantation timber floors for Absco Sheds. Easy to assemble (all screws & fixings provided). 10 Year manufacturer’s warranty.

►Safe ACQ (Arsenic Free) Treatment   ► Rot Resistant   ►  Termite & Insect Resistant  ► Fungal Resistant  ► Portable  ► Raises Shed Off The Ground  Approx. 85mm

The flooring kits are modular to allow for multiple kits to be joined together to provide the required base size for your shed. Each kit (single module) forms a base size of 1520mm x 780mm

This shed would require  3  flooring kits

Most garden sheds are engineered to a W41 / or N3 wind rating (ie. Up to 147klm/hr winds) when securely anchored to a concrete slab. In high wind or exposed areas, it is recommended that a concrete slab be used as a base.

Sliding Perspex Window:        700mm W x 200mm H

Absco windows are made up of two clear Perspex panels that slide along the moulded plastic frame. It allows access for natural light & ventilation. To fit, the wall sheet requires trimming. The window sits in the space on top of the cut down wall sheet, at the top of the wall panel.   It is recommended that window be fitted in the wall panels of the shed that have a roof section overhanging them.


Skylight Sheet:     1546mm L x 375mm W

The skylight is an opaque polycarbonate moulded sheet that shares the same ribbed profile as the Absco roof sheet. It allows for diffused natural sunlight to enter the shed.


Cyclone Conversion Kits:

Most Absco sheds are designed to a W41/N3 wind rating. Where W50C wind ratings are required, a cyclone conversion kit is used to for the product to attain this wind rating. These kits are comprised of internal metal frames & brackets, used to provide additional bracing. They include all required bolt-down masonry anchors. (Separate anchor kits do not have to be purchased).

Cyclone conversion kits are supplied in two size configurations – (A) For shed sizes up to 3 x 3m & (B) For shed sizes greater than 3 x 3m.


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