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There is nothing more pleasant than a home that is clean and free from clutter. Organising various items inside the house is probably one of the most difficult challenges that home dwellers face, every time. While the most convenient solution is to minimise the amount of items to be stored, there are times that there are just too many to keep. Purchasing a discount shed for your backyard is a very popular way of attaining that additional space.  It is a brilliant way to keep things organised, storing items that are needed and keeping the home clutter free.

People who desire to have a garden shed in their backyard can consider a whole host of
cheap units that are available in the market. These usually come in easy to install kits.  These kits can prove be a worthwhile project for the home handyman. They are perfect for storing tools and items that are needed for maintaining the garden. These can also service many other needs, that are only limited by ones imagination.

When considering storage, remember your habits and requirements generally dictate a bigger size than you may first entertain.  Those that provide larger space can be used for all sorts of hobbies, DIY projects or just simple storage.

Organising is simplified with the help of these discount garden sheds, which can be built with cabinets and shelves. Cabinets and shelves can help put items that belong together in one place, making them easy to find and retrieve. This is better than the usual practice of storing items in boxes that are piled one on top of the other. It is highly recommended to build the shelves and cabinets from top to bottom to maximise and utilise all available space.

If the space is large enough, it will be able to hold other items that cannot or should not be kept inside the house.  Utility sheds are perfect for storing many items in the garden.  These are large & functional.  All of these however can also become cluttered and unorganised, if the users are not mindful. While they are good storage spaces for cleaning implements, they should still be kept clean and free from chaotic clutter as well. If you have used up all available storage spaces, items that are no longer needed should be taken out.

Getting organised is a very challenging task, but it can be made easy with the help of storage unit. Many of the items that do not belong inside the house can be stored in a cheap shed to rid the house of unwanted clutter.

Pacific Garden Sheds – Garages and All Purpose Sheds March 16, 2012 No Comments

Do you need to protect your car from the elements and possible vandalism? Do you need more storage than you have at the present time? If the answer to both these questions is in the affirmative, then it’s time to start looking around or a solution. The first step is to decide the size of garage you need, and whether you would like to include space for a workshop as well. If it is a shed you are after, whether it is for storing gardening tools, mowers, potting mix and such, or perhaps for storing items there is no room for inside the home, there are plenty of alternatives here too. Kids moving home after being out on their own often bring more baggage with them than they originally took when they moved out. For either choice why not check out Pacific Garden Sheds online, as they have garages, garden sheds and also carport kits for sale.

All items are top quality and made of good quality Aussie steel which makes the very strong and durable. All stock comes in kit form making it simple for the home handyman to carry out as a DIY project. Of course with the bigger projects such as garages a few friends to lend a hand is always a great idea as the construction will be finished much quicker and a few laughs can be enjoyed along the way. Joining sections are pre drilled ensuring perfect joins and alignment with all sections squaring up nicely. Garages come with choices of single, double or three car spaces and the choice of roller doors or side hinged doors opening outwards. They also have a personal access side door for convenience.

Pacific Garden Sheds have a great range of products available from which to make your choice of either Colourbond or Zincalume sheeting. As Bernard C says, “It really doesn’t make much difference which sheeting you choose because they are both great products. Our son opted for a Zincalume three space garage on his large country acreage, while we chose the Colourbond as my wife wanted to colour co-ordinate with the home. We are both very happy with our choices and the service couldn’t have been better. The people we spoke with were happy to answer any questions we had and the delivery was made even faster than we expected.”

These storage units are not always just for garden items as they are often used for all purpose storage. If space is in short supply in the home, store it outside. These are useful items where all sorts of odds and ends get stored out of sight and mind. Whatever you throw in them can be locked up preventing loss by theft. Jennifer S couldn’t be happier. “I was annoyed with the amount of excess items we had for which there was no storage available. My hubby finally contacted Pacific Garden Sheds and we haven’t looked back. The company was courteous, helpful and directed Mal to the technical info on the site. Then he said he would erect it himself! I was quite impressed with that.” If you are looking for a great deal from a great company, then check this one out.  They have garages and carports, too!

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Rewards of Building a Convenient Garden Shed

A garden shed can serve different purposes for a family. It can be a storage place for items that cannot be accommodated inside the house, or it can also be a place to chill. Typically, the man of the house enjoys hanging out in one, he can bring along some friends to enjoy a day off. It can be a convenient space for utility and garden tools. Additionally, it can be a good, practical extra space for which to make DIY projects.

One of the rewards of building a garden shed on your home yard is the joy from building one’s own structure. These are one of the most worthwhile DIY projects that anyone can undertake. While some may choose to build it from scratch, there are cheap units that can be bought ready to assemble. These come with an easy to understand instruction manual on how to assemble the unit step by step. If you have not yet tried to build something this big, but have been wanting to, then this could be a project that would spark your interest.

Engaging in a garden shed construction activity would also bring about many other rewarding benefits. Home owners can use them to enhance the design of the garden. Custom designed units can be ordered from a reputable supplier or distributor, and these can also be in a easy to assemble package. The most popular type is made of wood, which can be designed to give a natural feel and to harmonise well with the garden.

In most cases, utility sheds can be a safe place in which to store some items that just cannot be lodged inside the house. Utility tools and gardening tools, for instance, would be best stored in this extra space. Putting them in a storage unit would make them more accessible, especially if you are also doing projects inside it.

Owning a garden shed can especially be rewarding to the bloke of the house who wants to have his own space sometimes. Garden sheds are typically where men retreat to relax from a hard day’s work. Sometimes, this is the place they go to get busy with a DIY project. Whatever the case may be, it definitely is worthwhile to have that additional space for the house.

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Even Amateurs Can Handle Carports DIY Kits

Friends of ours moved from down south recently and bought a house that, although it had a large workshop at the rear of the property, had no room for a decent garage at the front. Not wishing to leave the car unattended on the street it was parked in the driveway in their front yard, which unfortunately left it unprotected from vandals anyway and the elements as well. Being financially capable but deprived as far as space for a garage was concerned, they opted for a carport. Although the price of having it installed for them was not exorbitant they chose a DIY kit option even though they were totally inexperienced.

After looking around at carport kits they found one that matched well with their house, choosing a double space, gable style. I must confess I was a little apprehensive as to how they would manage, but later I had to admit that I should not have been worried about it. The first thing they did was to adjust the front fence line and concrete a driveway up to the area where the carport would stand. After consultations with their local council authority in order to obtain a building permit and become cognizant of local regulations, they got to work putting down a slab for the carport to stand on. They made it look so easy, even though they had some help from us and other friends.

If you are like my friends and love saving money, don’t mind putting in a little time and energy on a project, then you may also be interested in a DIY carport kit. DIY kits are also available for garages and sheds in different car spaces and dimensions. If you have a few handyman friends that can join you, even better, as it will go up quicker and you will all soon be enjoying a celebration BBQ and a few cold ones to wash it down later. A skillion roof style is also available besides the gable style chosen by my friends. Guttering is built in with downpipes as well, posts are made of sturdy galvanised steel, and sheeting is pure steel with a Colourbond finish in a range of six different colour choices.

The great thing with DIY kits is that manufacturers have thoughtfully pre drilled joining points, making assembly just that much easier. They also have wind ratings so that you can choose the right strength for the area in which you live. If you have followed instructions correctly and ensured the footings are absolutely level, there will be no problem lining up and joining all sections perfectly. My friends proved that you don’t need to be a professional to erect a DIY kit, and it was done so quickly it was hard to believe. Their new dog now keeps vandals away and the carport keeps it safe from all the elements, making it one of the best decisions they have made.

Utility Garden Shed February 13, 2012 No Comments

Get that Needed Extra Space with a Utility Garden Shed

Sometimes, the house is just not big enough for all the items we wish to keep. All the handy tools and items we cannot discard just yet could result in unsightly clutter if kept in a regular room inside the house. Building a utility garden shed can solve this problem in a most efficient way. This can organise all the items for storage so that they are easy to find when needed without taking up too much space.

For people who are considering to set up this additional storage area, there are cheap units that they can avail. Setting one up can be a fun activity for the family, especially for the bloke who enjoys do-it-yourself construction projects. Good suppliers would provide the user with adequate information for assembling the unit, so it is best to choose a company that has good reputation and product guarantee.

With enough garden space, it is sensible to build a utility shed to gain additional space for purposes such as simple storage for various items or as work space for little or big projects in or outside the home. The size of the unit would largely depend on the available garden space as well as its purpose. Before building one, imagine a type of structure that would not only serve your purpose, but would also complement the design of the house. Decide on the best colour and material so that it would blend well with the look of the house.

Utility sheds that are ready to assemble are recommended to be put up on a flat surface, so it is best to find some flat area in the garden for the location. This would limit the amount of work to be done, especially for levelling slopes. DIY units come complete with step by step instructions. Arm yourself with the needed tools, time and hard work, and it should be an issue-free installation.

Bigger units would mean more additional space for your purpose, so it is good if you have a lot of extra garden space. Garden sheds can be built to include many cabinets or shelves attached to the walls, from top to bottom. This would allot more space for organised storage of different items. Since they are shelved per item, it is also becomes easier to find an item in the future.

Building a utility shed in the garden is a very good way to gain extra space for storage or for handyman work. This is also quite ideal for people who enjoy doing some DIY projects.

DIY Carports January 30, 2012 No Comments

Easily Installed DIY Carports

The world is full of independent people who like to do things for themselves, feeling that they can take on any job that comes along and succeed. This is not a bad thing; in fact there is a whole world of DIY projects just right for the home handyman. If you are one of the multitudes that think the best way to get something right is to do it yourself, then you are not lacking in choices of projects to keep you occupied. When you take on a venture and finalise it successfully, you are left with a sense of achievement and satisfaction.

There are many people worldwide that have built their own homes from mud brick, covered hay bales, and river rocks, while others have completed sturdy pole homes. In these areas a little bit of knowledge goes a long way in building a safe place to live. In our modern world, fencing, sheds, garages and carports are all designed to be easily handled by all DIY fans. With written instructions and technical tips provided, the jobs are clear and straightforward. This is true of carport kits that come in gable or skillion roof styles and single or double car spaces.

Like garages and sheds, carports need to be set on a foundation for strength and stability and also to ensure the levels are even. If your choice of foundation is concrete, get a few mates together to give you and hand with the slab, and have a few coldies ready for after it is done. Joining sections of all three buildings are pre drilled as well as the walls and the roofing, making it easier to construct quickly. It is much like putting together a child’s jigsaw puzzle, child’s play really. Of course the more mates you can get to give a hand will get it up even quicker and ready to use, and this is usually easy with the promise of a BBQ and drinks later.

Before you get too enthusiastic make sure you have contacted your local authority for a building permit, and regulations regarding proximity to fences and such. Order your load of cement for the slab for early in the day before the heat builds up, giving it a gentle hose through the day to prevent it drying too quickly. Once your slab has cured you are good to go onto the next step, raising the structure. In next to no time you will be the proud owner of your own DIY carport. Honestly, it couldn’t be easier.

Shed Experts December 21, 2011 No Comments

For Great Advice Talk to the Discount Shed Xperts

For years now the people living in south eastern Queensland have been fortunate to be within easy reach of a leading shed and garage distributor trading under the name of Pacific Garden Sheds. This company is staffed by qualified people with intimate knowledge of the products they sell and are always there for any needed after sales service, something many other companies fall short in. They offer great deals on carport kits, sheds and garages, which is why they are referred to as the Discount Shed Xperts by many happy and satisfied customers. You will find them located on the Pacific Highway at Springwood, south of Brisbane, and will have no shortage of examples to check out as their display is really quite extensive.

For those of us who are too far away from this location, we can access this company online at their website and view examples of what is on offer. If you have a particular brand you would prefer to buy, the firm gives you the option of buying by brand name. You choose the size of the unit you want to buy and whether you want a single, double or triple garage, or a single or double carport. Installation services are available only for those who reside in specified areas of the south east corner of Queensland, but deliveries are made nationwide. There is an online enquiry option on the site where you can query anything that you need more information about.

The company has been in the business for more than thirty years proving that experience and good service is part of their hallmark. A business that does not live up to it’s promises would not last that long, so you can rest assured your business transaction will be top of the line and courteous from start to finish with the assurance of prompt after sales service where necessary. Quality steel products are used in all units ensuring a long lasting strong construction, with wind ratings clearly stated for your particular area. For those DIY people, the online site has tips and instructions on how to go about the job from step one which is contacting your local council for permits and regulations. Then they give you technical advice on what sort of foundation to sit the unit on, how to lay a slab and how to prepare for construction.

There are choices of single or double carport kits plus garden sheds both with the choice of skillion or gable roofing. Patio awnings and dog kennels have also been added to their list of products. When choosing garages and sheds work out how much will be stored and whether the garage will have a workshop included in it before ordering to ensure you buy the size you need. The staff at Pacific Garden Sheds will be happy to advise you if you are unsure about anything. L Dalton, just one of the happy customers, said: “Their courteous help when ordering, the speed of delivery, and the quality of the product was amazing.” D. Mitchell who had installation done on his behalf stated: “I am very happy with the reliability of the installers and their workmanship.”

Contact Pacific Garden Sheds today and share your own happy experience with a great firm.

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Ready to Build Your Own Garden Utility Shed? Check Out These Tips First

Most women love to tend to the house, decorate it and lavish it with pleasant items. Men have their favourite part of the house too, and that’s outside the house. Blokes love having their own, private utility sheds, a place to keep their handy utility tools, or simply a place to relax and enjoy a mug of beer. It’s like how children love to play in their own tree houses. The best part is that it is not that difficult at all to build your own.

Cheap sheds are available for DIYers. You will just have to decide what type you want. Top on the list to consider is the purpose you have in mind for having one. After which, you can decide how big it should be, which of course, may be limited by the garden space. For example, if the family wants a garden shed that can also serve as storage room, then they need to determine how much items will be stored inside. More likely than not, it would be larger than usual if it is to become a storage area. Should you need racks and cabinets inside to increase storage capacity and make the room more organised? It would be good to consider this as well before you come up with the ideal height and area for your storage space.

Check your backyard area and decide where you want your garden shed placed. Also, imagine where it is best to place the door, where it should hinge and swing, and remember that there should be enough access way to comfortably get inside it. These items are very important to consider if you are going to work on limited lot area. In planning where to put the unit, be mindful of the roof. It should not rudely direct rainwater runoff on your neighbour’s property. Check also for any requirements set by local authorities for such type of additional structures to residential buildings.

Garden sheds are best placed on flat surface if you are to buy ready-to-build structures, which are configured specifically for flat surfaces. If the existing lot is sloping or rugged, it would be good to level the ground first, then build a concrete or wooden slab where it would then be anchored. Once all requirements are checked and complied with, you should be ready to choose the colour of your choice.

Building your own utility shed is a fun and worthwhile undertaking. Preparing and checking all necessary considerations would help eliminate possible issues when the time to construct is at hand.

Work Sheds December 5, 2011 No Comments

Practical yet Fun DIY Work Sheds

To many, one of the joys of building or renovating a home is to undertake do-it-yourself (DIY) construction projects. Work sheds are just some of the additions to a house that can be done DIY style. In purchasing the right work shed for your home, it makes sense to choose sheds that are easy to install, complete with a thorough manual that is easy to understand. It would also be helpful if you had access to online videos that demonstrate the installation process.

Garages and sheds, can double as work sheds for the busy handyman. These to can also be constructed DIY-style. In building a practical work shed that suits the need of the user, it is important to consider the size requirement for the area, as well the type of material preferred for each part of the shed. For instance, it may be beneficial to include skylights or other accessories. Other people might prefer roof with slopes to ensure proper water runoff. Other homes may not make this type of installation possible, although flat-roofed shed installation can also prevent water from collecting if the roof is corrugated. Another important factor to consider is the type of windows desired for the work shed. The work shed may also need shelves, depending on the use of the work space.

Once you have selected your new work shed, it is time for a little patience to work through the assembly. While a good DIY work shed product may come with concise and easy-to-understand guide, the DIYer will have to have available to them certain tools needed to complete the installation. Basic tools should include a screwdriver, tape measure, step ladder, rivet gun and pliers.

In assembling utility sheds, one of the most important steps is ensuring that they are secured to a base, so that they would stand strong even during severe weather conditions. It is more likely that the manufacturer of the work shed has included recommendations as to how to make the shed installation stronger, so it is best to follow those recommendations.

Building work sheds DIY style can be a challenging task, yet it can be very rewarding and enjoyable in the end. For a worthwhile DIY experience, try to enjoy the work shed assembly process with your favourite music in the background. It would be more enjoyable if you let a friend or a family member lend a hand. This makes for a perfect bonding experience.

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The Garden Tool Shed: Perfect Investment to Increase Property Value

Without a doubt your property will increase in value if you add something useful. Tearing down walls is going to be very expensive mainly because you will need workers, a new interior design, and finishing. How about something a little less costly but equally impressive? How about a DIY project?

Have you thought about cheap sheds? These are one room self-enclosed shacks that you can buy pre-fabricated from the leader in Australia’s shed industry. There are several kinds of designs to choose from but your main concern would be to decide what purpose it would serve. Do you need a garage or pet enclosure? Are you often wishing you could have your own space where you’re free to do whatever you want without censure or disturbance? This could be your child’s play house – something that could take the place of a tree house. You could also use it to store items you don’t want inside the home anymore like some furniture. It could be a place to store garden tools and other kinds of equipment that tend to get junked inside the garage. Imagine how great it would be to clean out your garage and not have all that clutter anymore! It would make your home more organised and presentable.

There are many ways of turning a shed into something really special. If you get the DIY, easy-to-assemble kits, it could be up within hours of buying it assuming you have the foundation ready. The only thing left to do would be to decorate it and bring in whatever it is you decide to use it for. If you’re feeling a little ambitious, you could even include some basic plumbing so that you have a sink, functional toilet or even a mini shower. It won’t be the same as run-of-the –mill garden sheds but something a lot classier and aesthetically appealing. It would also be a great addition to your lawn if you enjoy having garden parties because your guests could stay and relax there. You could retain some semblance of privacy with your personal quarters in the main house closed off. Not only would this be an excellent way of securing part of your house, it wouldn’t be obvious that some areas are off limits.

A few brands that have consistently been recognised for quality and durability are Absco and Oldfield Treco. While you have choices in size and colour ready to go in minutes, it is possible to throw caution to the wind and just paint it whatever colour you prefer. The materials used for garden sheds are either steel or resin and they are all made locally. The advantages to sheds being made in Australia are that they are designed to fit our climate, weather conditions, lifestyle and needs of the discerning Australian consumer.

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