Pacific Garden Sheds Giving DIYers What They Need July 20, 2012

If you have made the decision to put up a shed yourself to save money or because you enjoy a bit of DIY, it doesn’t mean you want to miss out on high quality products. The great news is that thanks to Pacific Garden Sheds &, you can save money but have access to the very best on offer when it comes to sheds.

Whether you are looking to put up pet enclosures, garages, carports, awnings, patios or garden sheds, with Pacific Garden Sheds & you are guaranteed the opportunity to choose from the very best with the very best advice. Their exciting display facility is where they have based their supply of storage shed and garden solutions from for over 30 years, the team is knowledgeable and qualified to offer you the very best advice on which type of storage shed is right for you and offer sound advice on installing your new shed.

If you’re not so competent with DIY as you would like to be or simply don’t have the time or energy on a weekend to install your purchase yourself then Pacific Garden Sheds & can help you with that too. Mandy from Caboolture owned her own home but did not have the knowledge or assistance to build the shed herself, she wanted to be sure that it would be done right. “All of my family are interstate and I didn’t know anyone who could put the shed up for me. The guys at Pacific Garden Sheds & organised for my shed to be installed and I had the perfect storage space out back in no time.”

The products you can expect to find at Pacific Garden Sheds & are well known and reputable. Brands such as Absco, Spanbilt and Oldfields are just some of the names you can expect to find and know you can trust. With a mission like striving to deliver top products and leading service in their industry it would be hard to go buy anywhere else. Pacific Garden Sheds &  pride themselves on being reliable and committed to your satisfaction and value of their products.

Brian from Springwood has been a loyal client of Pacific Garden Sheds & for some years. “I own a few investment properties and like to ensure there is enough storage for the tenants as this improves the value of my rentals. I like to use the products from Pacific Garden Sheds as I know I am getting quality for money and their products will last for years to come, that’s important in rentals.”

Don’t delay in choosing a top product and contact Pacific Garden Sheds today, when it’s top quality storage you need, it’s top quality storage you will get.

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