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Garden Tool Shed December 5, 2011 No Comments

The Garden Tool Shed: Perfect Investment to Increase Property Value Without a doubt your property will increase in value if you add something useful. Tearing down walls is going to be very expensive mainly because you will need workers, a new interior design, and finishing. How about something a little less costly but equally impressive? […]

Blokes Outdoor Entertaining No Comments

Need a Bloke’s Outdoor Entertaining Area? Most homes have separate buildings included in their property area in order to house specific items. The biggest asset next to the actual home is the garage, often housing vehicles and containing a workshop for the man of the house to carry out his hobbies or just fix things. […]

Wives widowed by their shed guys November 13, 2010 No Comments

Article from:  The Daily Telegraph  June 11, 2009 ITS official: Men are wed to their sheds. Research shows that men aged between 30 and 76 will spend three and a half years tinkering in their shed or garage. In the poll of 2000 men, about 40 per cent say they claim to be doing DIY […]

Real Blokes Have Backyard Sheds No Comments

There was once a time when every decent backyard had a shed. In Australia the back shed was a sacred place where a bloke could work on his favourite projects without any interference from the wife, the boss, the kids, or anyone else for that matter. It mattered not if you brewed your own beer […]

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