Basic Size Requirements for Building Garden Sheds April 30, 2012

So you feel you think you need to take advantage of that extra space on your garden by building a garden shed. Before purchasing that DIY set that you plan to construct, you first have to be sure that you have met some basic requirements for building one. Much effort would be saved and less mistakes would be made if these requirements, most importantly the rules set by the local authority, are taken into consideration first and foremost.

Extra storage space can be gained by buying cheap sheds ready for installation. Of course, it is always up to the users to determine the size they need, but the size is not limitless. Residences with bigger extra garden spaces are lucky to have the opportunity to be able to construct bigger units if they want. The most important factor to consider when deciding the limits to how big it should be is the easements. Local authorities have specified easement requirements for certain structures. Easement rules are basically to see to it that adequate space is allocated around the structure for accessibility.

There are cases where the size is either underestimated or overestimated, so it is really important for the future users to determine the right amount of space they need. If the structure is intended to be for storage, then there should be adequate space to accommodate the items to be stored. If there are bigger items such as lawnmowers that will be stored inside, make sure to give enough space for moving such items. Sufficient space to manoeuvre and work should also be allotted if it will be used for carpentry work or DIY projects.

Clearances around the shed should be taken into consideration when determining the size. They need to be positioned in a way that there is enough room to move around, giving enough space between it and the shrubs or overhanging branches. In building one, be mindful also not to intrude into the space of your neighbours. Make sure that the roof of the does not encroach on the other property by leading runoff water onto the neighbouring property. This can easily be avoided if proper boundary rules are observed.

Determining the size of the garden shed is the first step to building one. There are rules and guidelines that are worth studying first before purchasing a kit.

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