The Benefit of a Garden Shed September 8, 2012 No Comments

It would be impossible for many people to store everything they own inside their homes for protection from the elements and theft. If by chance they were able to do this, it would surely be very cluttered inside. The obvious choice to protect any belongings outdoors as well as improve the organisation around your home is to look at garden sheds.

There are many benefits to be gained from having sheds and there are many different ones to choose from. Naturally you would be inclined to search for a supplier who carries reputable brands at a decent price and a quick search online will have you taking your pick of garden shed suppliers who cater for those who need their sheds constructed for them or who prefer DIY. Here are just a few of the reasons and benefits you may need to get from having a garden shed.


If you have a pool you will no doubt be aware that there is a lot of equipment to go with them. Skimmers, chlorine, pool toys, vacuum and other care equipment all need to be close at hand but are things you don’t want left lying around. Aside from the obvious clutter, some items such as chlorine can be dangerous to leave out and even if you don’t have children, you don’t want to put any visiting children at risk of poisoning.

Outdoor toys.

It’s not just pool toys that are used and left outside. Kids bikes, toys such as cars, trucks and the like that may get used in the sandpit all require a place to stay when they are not being played with. It’s easy enough to just leave them lying around but they will then take up precious space in your yard and look untidy.

Yard maintenance equipment.

Lawn mowers, sprinklers, secateurs, any kind of garden equipment, should be kept in a safe lockable storage unit. This means that no children can play with them and no would be thieves can take anything. Other items that you may use for the garden but could be harmful to children or pets can also be stored here such as weed killers and fertilisers.

Storm season.

In our climate, we have the yearly storm season. This can bring about hazardous winds and we are regularly reminded during this time to ensure all items around the garden are secured. With a garden shed, items that are normally left out can be easily put away and give you peace of mind.

There are many reasons why buying a garden shed is wise, talk to the professionals today about what kind of shed might suit your needs and get set to de-clutter your yard and home.

Quality Budget Storage from Pacific Garden Sheds August 24, 2012 No Comments

If there is one thing we can’t do without in our homes its storage, coverage and entertaining areas. Pacific Garden Sheds have all your needs covered with their igh quality products offered at a budget friendly price.

Whether you are in the market for sheds, carports, patios or even a dog house, a quick visit online to check out what Pacific Garden Sheds has to offer will soon find you what you need. They have been successfully in operation for over 30 years and it’s greatly attributed to their commitment to supply reputable products that are built to last.

Getting your back yard in order is easy when you get sound advice and information from a friendly team member at Pacific Garden Sheds. As their website states, they are ‘shed people to the core’ and their team are the most knowledgeable and qualified to assist you with all your shed and storage enquiries.

Highly reputable and reliable, Pacific Garden Sheds are leaders in their industry, being well recognised for their strong customer service ethic and fantastic products. Some of the manufacturer products you can expect to find at Pacific Garden Sheds are Absco, Oldfields, Spanilt and EasySHED.

Wayne has purchased a few garden sheds for his investment properties and would recommend Pacific Garden Sheds to anyone. “The important thing is to have choice because then there is something for every budget. I have purchased a few sheds from these guys and each time their service is nothing short of excellent.”

It’s so simple to order your storage solution from Pacific Garden Sheds, ordering on line is a cinch and if you are unable to make it to their display centre then the team is more than happy to provide as much extra information on their products as they can over the phone. You can find great technical tips and information on their web page and there is a fantastic FAQ page that covers just about anything you may want to know before ordering.

Rob and Sharna were very impressed with the service they received from Pacific Garden Sheds . “From the very first conversation I knew we were going to purchase our garden shed from Pacific Garden Sheds. This is because Sharna spoke to them and she was blown away by the friendly and professional manner in which she was spoken to. In her words ‘that counts for a lot when a woman is asking questions about man things.’ Who am I to argue with that?”

There is no arguing with the value of good customer service, and when the product is just as good, the value is even better. Contact Pacific Garden Sheds today and see for yourself why they are still going strong.

DIY Carports the Way to Go August 10, 2012 No Comments

Deciding to have a carport installed in the absence of one is an easy decision to make. The benefits of having your car in a carport are many. They are protected from hail, sun and trees that may drop any sap onto your precious vehicle. The decision on whether you will have the carport built for you or if you will ‘do it yourself’ is the next one to make and may not be as simple for there are benefits on each side. This article will discuss why going DIY may suit your needs better. Being able to purchase premade carport kits has made the world of DIY carports a lot simpler. Gone are the days when a handyman would have to go and buy the materials and construct a carport himself from scratch.

In the past if you bought the materials yourself you would then have to work out where to cut shapes and punch holes, but not with carport kits. They come with all the holes pre-punched and the pieces already cut, which is super convenient. When it’s done for you there is a lot less wastage involved and you only pay for the steel that you will be using, not for a whole sheet you want to cut down. When this part is all done for you it means alot less time spent on the job doing it yourself. The brackets, bolts and screws come with the kit too so you don’t have to chase up the right ones. Keeping all this in mind, if you were still wanting to employ someone to put the carport up for you, a carport kit will still be saving you money as they won’t have to spend as long drilling holes etc themselves.

Many people look to DIY because of budget constraints. Because you can buy carport kits it means you won’t have to spend money on having a design drawn up. Then on top of this you don’t have to pay for a contractor to come and build a carport for you if you have some DIY experience yourself however, as mentioned, even if you want to pay someone you will still save money because everything is pre-cut and pre-drilled.

Purchasing a carport kits alleviates the need to drive around to suppliers sourcing the materials you need, because it all comes together. If getting your chosen carport kit home is an issue, no need to worry or hire a vehicle. If you are unable to pick up from a depot then for a fee, home delivery can be organised provided you are in a metropolitan area. This makes a DIY carport kit too easy to choose.

When you look at the benefits of saving time and money when you buy a carport kit you wonder why on earth anyone would do it any other way.

Pacific Garden Sheds Giving DIYers What They Need July 20, 2012 No Comments

If you have made the decision to put up a shed yourself to save money or because you enjoy a bit of DIY, it doesn’t mean you want to miss out on high quality products. The great news is that thanks to Pacific Garden Sheds &, you can save money but have access to the very best on offer when it comes to sheds.

Whether you are looking to put up pet enclosures, garages, carports, awnings, patios or garden sheds, with Pacific Garden Sheds & you are guaranteed the opportunity to choose from the very best with the very best advice. Their exciting display facility is where they have based their supply of storage shed and garden solutions from for over 30 years, the team is knowledgeable and qualified to offer you the very best advice on which type of storage shed is right for you and offer sound advice on installing your new shed.

If you’re not so competent with DIY as you would like to be or simply don’t have the time or energy on a weekend to install your purchase yourself then Pacific Garden Sheds & can help you with that too. Mandy from Caboolture owned her own home but did not have the knowledge or assistance to build the shed herself, she wanted to be sure that it would be done right. “All of my family are interstate and I didn’t know anyone who could put the shed up for me. The guys at Pacific Garden Sheds & organised for my shed to be installed and I had the perfect storage space out back in no time.”

The products you can expect to find at Pacific Garden Sheds & are well known and reputable. Brands such as Absco, Spanbilt and Oldfields are just some of the names you can expect to find and know you can trust. With a mission like striving to deliver top products and leading service in their industry it would be hard to go buy anywhere else. Pacific Garden Sheds &  pride themselves on being reliable and committed to your satisfaction and value of their products.

Brian from Springwood has been a loyal client of Pacific Garden Sheds & for some years. “I own a few investment properties and like to ensure there is enough storage for the tenants as this improves the value of my rentals. I like to use the products from Pacific Garden Sheds as I know I am getting quality for money and their products will last for years to come, that’s important in rentals.”

Don’t delay in choosing a top product and contact Pacific Garden Sheds today, when it’s top quality storage you need, it’s top quality storage you will get.

Shopping Online for Sheds July 9, 2012 No Comments

It’s easy to accumulate lots of items around your home as you go through life. If you have children you may have a lot of toys, both outdoor and indoor or if you take care of your own garden you may have a lot of garden equipment. Garden equipment in particular can be worth quite a bit to you, items such as lawnmowers, whipper snippers and power tools can be fairly expensive to replace and so you won’t want them being stolen and you also won’t want them cluttering up your yard space.

Garden sheds online make a fantastic storage solution for all the items you don’t want laying around inside or outside the home. They offer a cost effective way to tidy up the clutter in your life and have your yard soon looking more presentable and a more enjoyable place to spend time. There are many garden sheds available to suit just about any storage requirement, starting out with compact storage perfect for those with limited space and ending with the very large sheds for those with acreage and lots of space and more likely larger items to store.

Shopping for sheds online is perfect for those who don’t have the time or the geographical ability to get in to view the displays and choose that way. Online shopping has come a long way and with comprehensive advice and information on purchasing and installing your garden shed, the process is really a very simple one. You can make your selection online or over the phone after discussing your options with an expert in all things ‘sheds’ and for a small fee your shed can be delivered direct to your door nationwide in all metropolitan areas.

Should you have any questions regarding installation instructions, tracking your order and even need information about select products, there is always a FAQ section on the website of a shed supplier who is committed to giving you as much assistance as possible. If for any reason your question is not answered in this page you are more than welcome to contact a friendly team member by phone or email who can answer all of your questions and offer some fantastic advice on your garden shed.

Shopping online is not just for the ladies and anyone looking to de-clutter their yards can do so online too. Shopping for sheds online really is the best way to go, and the simplest.

Storage Tool Sheds the Only Way to Organise June 25, 2012 No Comments

Pacific Garden Sheds Helping You Lose the Clutter

If you have simply had enough of seeing your tools and garden equipment lying around wasting valuable space then you are not alone. Pacific Garden Sheds have the perfect solution if you are looking for tool sheds that stand the test of time.

Having been in business for well over 30 years, Pacific Garden Sheds understand the needs of their clients and the need for top quality products. The products they have on display at their impressive display facility are enough to convince quality is of utmost importance to them.

The team at Pacific Garden Sheds are extremely committed to offering you sound advice on storage solutions and can competently answer any questions you may have. Their team is service driven and possesses extensive knowledge and experience in the industry. The fact that the company has experienced success and longevity for so long in the industry is testament to their dedication to impressing their clients every time and their reliability for supplying excellent products.

Thanks to the team at Pacific Garden Sheds your clutter can become a thing of the past with their fantastic solutions. They have a great offering of different sized sheds so whatever your storage needs, you are sure to find the perfect match for you.

Maggie and Peter from Rochedale were so impressed with the service and product they purchased that they felt compelled to write. “We really can’t thank the team enough for their fantastic customer service and invaluable information they gave us about the products available. Our backyard now has so much more space and is a much more pleasant place to be because the clutter is all gone! The bonus on top of this is that the shed, much to our surprise, looks really good in the yard and not at all the eye-sore we thought it would be. We would most certainly recommend your great products to our friends and family. Top marks on running a great business.”

A tool shed in the yard does not necessarily only have to be used for tools or garden equipment. As Briony and Colin from Mount Gravatt discovered, you can really use them for whatever you need. “We have four kids so you can imagine we have quite a lot of toys inside the house but it was getting to the point that there seemed to be twice as much of the outside toys. We are blessed to have a pool also however, add the pool toys to the bikes and various sporting equipment and there was barely any grass free to sit on and relax. We spoke to one of the super friendly consultants at Pacific and immediately knew that was who we wanted to buy our outdoor toy storage shed from. The yard looks fantastic and the quality is not hard to miss, it’s fantastic. This company understands their customers.

Give Pacific Garden Sheds a call and discuss the kind of storage you require and find out for yourself why so many people are so glad they found them.

Uses of Garden Sheds May 25, 2012 No Comments

Sheds as an Extension of the House

A house’s backyard or garden can be utilised for a garden shed, a perfect way to gain extra space for the residents of the house. They are usually built for the purpose of storage, workshop or any other possible purposes. They are one storey structures that can be built from wood, metal or plastic materials. They can range from simple structures to complex designs, depending on the available area in the garden and the use that the builder has in mind.

Garden sheds may be built from wood to make them more natural looking, matching a green garden lot. Or they can be built using stronger metal materials such as galvanised steel. Metal materials will offer other benefits such as high resistance to pest infestation, which can be common to wooden structures. Others make use of plastic composite materials, which can be last for years without denting or chipping.

To make the most out of this facility in the house, make sure to select the best area in the garden to place them. For instance, it may not be wise to place it on soil that is very fertile, since this area can better utilised for growing important plants, edible or otherwise. Although they are primarily useful, they should also be designed with aesthetic appeal, so that they do not turn out to be sharp contrast with the style of the house. Keep in mind that they should not only blend well with the surrounding garden, but also with the main house.

Other things to factor in includes security. Since they stand alone and are not accessed from the house itself, they should have proper locks. They should also be big enough to accommodate the equipment, machines and the work space that may be needed to move around.

Uses of garden sheds are wide ranging. They can be used to store anything that cannot be stored inside the house, storing garden tools and implements, a workshop where the man of the house can enjoy time alone, serve as a sort of greenhouse for people who love to cultivate different types of plants, or they can even double as a shelter for animals that the household members are taking care of.

If there is extra space in your garden lot, it would be good to use the area to built a garden shed as they can be very useful and become a perfect extension to the house.

Get your Car Undercover with Carport Kits May 14, 2012 No Comments

If you want to get your car undercover and out of the hot sun then why not consider buying DIY carport kits. The sun is getting hotter and the ultraviolet rays are doing more and more damage to the interior of our vehicles which is why it is important to keep them out of the sun when we are not using them. It also helps to keep the cars interior cooler so we don’t have to jump into a hot car, especially through the summer months. Buying a carport in kit form and installing yourself means you can save you money as well as providing a shelter for your beloved vehicle.

Protecting one of our most valuable assets from the sun’s harsh rays is important and one way to do that is by putting up carport kits. Carports provide much needed shade and protection from the sun as well as the elements. Cars aren’t cheap and are an investment worth protecting. Putting up a carport ensures they are protected. You can buy double or single car carport kits, they are easy to order online as well. You can get carports kits in gable or skillion as well.

With all the storms and bad weather we have had recently, now is a good time to invest in a carport for you car. It is not just the sun capable of doing damage. Some storms produce small hail stones which can damage the cars exterior and is costly to repair. It will cost you less to invest in a carport and prevent damage to your vehicle. Before you construct your carport, you will need to check with your local council about the requirements, if any, to make sure whether or not you will require a building permit.

Carport kits, garages and sheds are a fantastic way to get your car undercover as well as a good area for storing bicycles and other outdoors equipment. They are pretty easy to put together after pouring your concrete slab to construct them on. If you are a handy person then it should be no problem for you to do all this. Get a few mates together to help and maybe throw a barbecue on and have a few drinks after the job is done to celebrate your carport going up.

Protect your car and other outdoor equipment today and put up a carport. You will save yourself a bundle by doing it yourself. Buying it in kit form is as easy as the instructions that come with it. Why wait for your car to end up with damage? Do it now, you will be glad you did.

Basic Size Requirements for Building Garden Sheds April 30, 2012 No Comments

So you feel you think you need to take advantage of that extra space on your garden by building a garden shed. Before purchasing that DIY set that you plan to construct, you first have to be sure that you have met some basic requirements for building one. Much effort would be saved and less mistakes would be made if these requirements, most importantly the rules set by the local authority, are taken into consideration first and foremost.

Extra storage space can be gained by buying cheap sheds ready for installation. Of course, it is always up to the users to determine the size they need, but the size is not limitless. Residences with bigger extra garden spaces are lucky to have the opportunity to be able to construct bigger units if they want. The most important factor to consider when deciding the limits to how big it should be is the easements. Local authorities have specified easement requirements for certain structures. Easement rules are basically to see to it that adequate space is allocated around the structure for accessibility.

There are cases where the size is either underestimated or overestimated, so it is really important for the future users to determine the right amount of space they need. If the structure is intended to be for storage, then there should be adequate space to accommodate the items to be stored. If there are bigger items such as lawnmowers that will be stored inside, make sure to give enough space for moving such items. Sufficient space to manoeuvre and work should also be allotted if it will be used for carpentry work or DIY projects.

Clearances around the shed should be taken into consideration when determining the size. They need to be positioned in a way that there is enough room to move around, giving enough space between it and the shrubs or overhanging branches. In building one, be mindful also not to intrude into the space of your neighbours. Make sure that the roof of the does not encroach on the other property by leading runoff water onto the neighbouring property. This can easily be avoided if proper boundary rules are observed.

Determining the size of the garden shed is the first step to building one. There are rules and guidelines that are worth studying first before purchasing a kit.

Benefits of Building a DIY Garage April 17, 2012 No Comments

Sheds and garages come in handy for so many things, storing the car, creating a workshop or just hiding from the in-laws. Whatever the case may be, if you need a space to work in or a garage to store your car in to keep it out of the suns harsh rays, then the easiest and cheapest solution is to build one yourself. You can buy them in a DIY Garage kit form ready to put up once the slab has set. Nothing could be easier to do. They come with easy to follow instructions so your garage will be up in no time at all.

The most important thing to remember is to check with your local council on the requirements for your area before you go building your garage. Take the time to measure up your yard and look at the best spot for the garage to go. Is there plenty of room for a car to turn? Is the structure far enough off the neighbours fence line? These are just some of the things you need to consider before putting up carport kits, garages. Make sure you have plenty of room for the kit you are planning to put up.

There are many different types of garages for you to choose from ranging from 2.5m x 2.5m. A range of skillion or gabled roof carports are available as well as single, double and triple garages. Whatever your needs you will find something to suit your needs.

Garages and sheds are useful for protecting things in storage that we may not be using but don’t want to sell. With the suns harmful ultraviolet rays being so destructive, its good to have a place to put the car to keep it safe from the damage the sun can do. What better way to protect your assets then by buying a DIY Kit garages and save yourself money on installation. You can search online to find the kit that you are looking for, you don’t even have to get out of bed! It can be delivered to your door and all you have to do is put it up.

Whatever you need a garage for, you can find what you are looking for online or by checking the phone book. There are many different garages available in great colours to suit your home. Nothing could be easier then looking online to find what you are looking for!

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